With an estimated 35 million cars currently on UK roads, the demand for four-wheeled transportation isn’t showing any signs of decline. Purchasing a car is much like purchasing a home. It’s an expensive investment. We expect great things from our cars. Not only do they get us from A to B, if looked after carefully, it can fulfill it’s basic functions for many years. As most of us eventually trade in our cars for newer models, the appreciation value factor matters greatly. It makes sense then, to invest more than money in our vehicles. Good car-care can maximize profits. More importantly, it can save lives.

The car service manual

Car service manuals provide crucial information which is specifically tailored for each individual make and model. Most of us don’t even flip through the pages and tend to toss it in the glove compartment. However, we should spend some time getting acquainted with the knowledge it provides because it comes with the car for a reason. The car service manual outlines how often you should have your car serviced. It details appropriate tire pressure and also reminds us about oil changes and water top-ups. Car manuals are handy to have when something goes wrong. They can also forewarn us regarding replacement parts like cambelts etc.

Annual servicing

It’s easy to postpone servicing your car when other pressing bills take precedence, but in the long run, avoiding a service may cost you twice as much in the end. An annual basic service usually includes an oil and filter change and a check on all other important fluids (washer, brakes, steering) that keep a car running efficiently. A service engineer will also carry out a thorough visual inspection, checking for trouble spots like worn out brake pads or threadbare tires. Nothing ensures a car’s longevity and safety than annual servicing. It can highlight potential trouble spots before they become costly and dangerous.


Keeping your car in tip-top condition requires a good cleaning regime. As it comes under attack from all kinds of extreme weather, not to mention the bumps and scrapes that naturally occur on busy roads, it’s worth buying some decent products. Careful attention should be paid to paint work. There are a variety of scratch-resistant, protective coatings you can apply. Use surface-friendly brushes and clothes and don’t forget the beeswax finish which acts as a sealant. A car’s interior also deserves as much attention as it’s exterior. Carpets and leather upholstery should always be kept in pristine condition and a good hoovering once a week will increase the value of your car. If you can’t be bothered doing it yourself, there are many professional valet services that do the job for you.