People sometimes view their car as an extension of themselves. So it only makes sense that they take good care of it. Here are a few tips that can help to keep your car looking great:

Wash it regularly

Washing your car regularly is a bit of work, but it keeps the car looking good and free from pollutants such as chemicals, bird droppings, dirt, dust, and dead bugs. Avoid using cleaning agents like dishwashing liquid, soap or glass cleaner as these can strip away the polish. Also, it is best to handwash your car as this allows you to get to know the surface of your car and you can pick up any small problems that might be there.

Guard against rust

The rust that gathers beneath the car’s bumper may not be of immediate concern but if it shows in the outer area you should consult a qualified car mechanic. Alternatively you can do it yourself with the right equipment such as a sandwheel, some sandpaper, primer paint and auto spray.

Check for scratches

The paint on your car is worn out then the surface is more susceptible to damage. Check for small nicks, scratches and dents. Make sure to attend to areas where corrosion has occurred before the problem worsens.

Check for small dents

If you discover small dents in the steal part of your car, then hammer it out and place flat metal on the outer layer of car. Be careful not to use the hammer in the surrounding parts of the car or new bumps can occur. Avoid overworking the metal by repairing the shallow sides of the dent first.

Maintain your carpets

Using an air compressor you can blow dirt off the nooks and crannies of the carpet. Drive the dirt to the middle of the carpet and then vacuum it up.

Duct clean regularly

Using a small, portable air compressor you can blow dust and dirt out of the air conditioning out of the heating and ductwork. If the dirt stays in this area it can cause a musty smell.

Use pain cleaners

Paint cleaners are a great way to clean your car without damaging the paint. It also removes small scratches.