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How to Undertake a Basic Car Tune Up

Performing basic car tune-ups is something all car owners should know, so they don’t always end up having to go to the mechanic to get their work done. These simple tune-up steps can easily be done for performing regular car tune-ups. Check oil and top it off when levels are low The best way to […]

Keeping your car warm in winter

Changes in the seasons are inevitable yet many people fail to make adequate preparations for colder weather. The Highways Agency’s 2013-14 Annual Road User Satisfaction Survey found that 45% of drivers don’t carry out any winter checks. So what preparations should be taken to ensure a warm car come winter? Be prepared Modern cars don’t […]

The ultimate garage for the home mechanic

Space, safety, creativity and organisation are just some of the words that should apply to any home mechanic’s ultimate garage. It should be a place where dreams are turned into realities and everything needed to make this happen is easily within reach. Creating the ultimate garage begins with removing everything that no longer has a […]

Basic car surface maintenance

People sometimes view their car as an extension of themselves. So it only makes sense that they take good care of it. Here are a few tips that can help to keep your car looking great: Wash it regularly Washing your car regularly is a bit of work, but it keeps the car looking good […]