Performing basic car tune-ups is something all car owners should know, so they don’t always end up having to go to the mechanic to get their work done. These simple tune-up steps can easily be done for performing regular car tune-ups.

Check oil and top it off when levels are low

The best way to extend the life of a car is to check the oil level often. As the car is used, oil levels will fall. Instead of paying for costly tune-ups, car owners simply need to to check the oil level. It’s easy to find the cap on the engine named ‘oil’ to check the level, but the engine should be cool for a more accurate reading. If the oil reading is low, the car owner can add high-grade motor oil with a funnel.

Inspect tires for proper functionality

Tires are the only components that touch the ground, so they are subject to higher wear. Regular tire inspection ensures that the tire tread remains even, while all four tires have proper pressure. Pressure gauges are available at most gas stations for regular checks.

Check Fluid Levels

Car owners should check for proper levels of transmission fluid, radiator fluid and brake fluid to ensure that they are at appropriate levels at all times. Transmission fluid usually needs to be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. The brake fluid sits in the engine compartment. This should ideally never go down, unless there is some leak. Radiator or coolant fluid should be checked when the engine is cold and will need to be replaced when levels are low.

Inspect Battery

The battery of the car should be inspected for signs of wear and corrosion, because battery terminals can get flooded with fluid from different components, which will eventually gum up and prevent the car from starting properly. The battery terminals may need to be thoroughly cleaned to solve this problem. If it doesn’t solve the problems, car owners may be facing something more major with the battery.

Test Brakes

Every once in awhile, car owners should press their brakes hard at slow speeds to check them. If the brake movement is not smooth and the car owner faces grinding or squeaking noises, it could be because of worn out brake pads that need replacement.

Tuning a car will eventually give better gas mileage, so car owners should not take this basic tune-up exercise for granted.