Space, safety, creativity and organisation are just some of the words that should apply to any home mechanic’s ultimate garage. It should be a place where dreams are turned into realities and everything needed to make this happen is easily within reach. Creating the ultimate garage begins with removing everything that no longer has a place or use.

Clear the clutter

Everything from broken brooms to parts for washing machines that stopped being made a decade ago can be found in the average cluttered garage. Begin creating the ultimate garage by clearing away all the clutter. Anything that is rubbish needs to find its way into the bin. If it’s of no use to the household, but still of some value, then a car boot sale may be in order; as well as clearing clutter, it can generate some of the much-needed funds to refurbish the garage. If there are items that need to be kept, such as the washer and dryer, or the kids bikes, try to arrange them so that they are at one end of the garage, away from the main work space. Doing this will ensure limited interference in the creative process of the home mechanic.

Loving light and air

Once cleared of all unnecessary items, the next step is to clean the space and ensure it has suitable light and ventilation. During the summer, this can be easily achieved by leaving the garage door open; however, this leaves projects open to scrutiny. In the winter, little work can be achieved with frozen fingers. Run a power source into the space and secure either wall or ceiling lights to illuminate the area. Ventilation can take the form of either air vents in walls and doors or windows, installed in either the front or rear of the space.

Collecting tools, materials and storage

Space is clear, clean and ready to go. Now all is needed is a project and the tools to complete it. Start small, with the basics, and borrow or hire larger equipment that might not be needed on a regular basis. One item that is useful to have is a Stringo mover. It has a large number of different uses, including moving vehicles around the garage space and repositioning other larger pieces of equipment.

In addition, it is a good idea to invest in space-saving storage solutions. Wall racks and movable shelving that can be organised around larger equipment, and changed to meet the changing needs of each project are also ideal for the ultimate garage. Lockable cupboards may be an idea if the garage is a shared space, particularly for storing sharp tools, fuels or any flammable liquids; lockable cupboards are preferable to storing such things on high shelves as things tend to fall from heights and cause accidents. The last thing the home mechanic needs is to have a project damaged by a falling object. Don’t forget to include seating for relaxing and thinking about the project, and a little fridge for those inspirational beverages.